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First Alert PR710 10-Year Battery Slim Photoelectric Smoke Alarm (2 Pack)

First Alert

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The First Alert P1210 Slim Profile Photoelectric Smoke Alarm with 10-Year Sealed Lithium Battery helps protect your home by providing up to a decade of uninterrupted monitoring. This low-profile smoke alarm uses a photoelectric sensor to detect smoke from slow-burning, smoldering fires. Half as thick as a standard fire alarm, this photoelectric detector has a slim, contemporary design that mounts unobtrusively on a wall or ceiling. A built-in 10-year lithium-ion battery provides continuous power, with no need to worry about changing the battery over the lifetime of the smoke detector.

  • Low-profile smoke alarm reliably detects smoke from smoldering fires
  • Photoelectric sensor detects smoke while minimizing false alarms
  • The slim, easy-to-install design is half as thick as a standard smoke detector
  • Built-in 10-year battery offers continuous power for the life of the alarm
  • A patented smoke entry system allows for a direct path to the sensor


Photoelectric Sensor Warns of Smoldering Fires

The First Alert P1210 alarm with 10-year battery comes equipped with a photoelectric sensor to provide the earliest possible warning of fire. The sensor is optimized to detect larger smoke particles produced by smoldering fires, such as those caused by unextinguished cigarettes. It also distinguishes between real threats and smoke and vapor produced during showering, cooking, and other everyday activities, helping minimize the number of false alarms. A patented smoke entry system helps ensure reliable detection by providing a direct air pathway to the sensor.

Built-In 10-Year Battery

The First Alert P1210 Slim Photoelectric Smoke Alarm features a built-in 10-year lithium battery that provides continuous power for the life of the fire detector. An end-of-life warning lets you know when the detector should be replaced.

Sleek, Low-Profile Design

Half as thick as a standard fire alarm, the First Alert P1210 Photoelectric Smoke Alarm packs premium detection features into a sleek, compact unit. The ultra-thin design features a white finish that blends seamlessly with most home decor.

Battery-Powered Alarm Installs Easily

This battery-powered smoke detector requires no rewiring to install. Simply mount it on a wall or ceiling using the versatile twist-lock mounting bracket.

Alerts You to Danger

When smoke is detected, the slim photoelectric smoke alarm with 10-year sealed lithium battery sounds a loud 85-decibel siren that is designed to be easily heard. A single button allows you to silence the fire alarm and test if the device is working.

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